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November/December 2008

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Virginia Artist Cynthia D. Gusler

Take a glance at Cynthia “Cyndi” Gusler’s art, and you may have to make a closer inspection. Are the minerals real? Looking at a photo, I mistook one of the artist’s sculptures for a surface encrustation of rosasite! Gusler’s sculptural mimicry of mineral encrustations is cleverly created on rocks and wood from such things as discarded plastics, glass bottles, and holiday lights—whatever suffices to create her distinctive art. The castaway junk from our society’s landfills is this artist’s inspiration. In 2007, one of Gusler’s latest shows, Conglomerate, was at the Tellus Northwest Georgia Science Museum in Cartersville, Georgia, and also at the McGuffey Art Center in Charlottesville, Virginia. Her sculptures reflect her passion for environmental preservation and sustainable living, showing that trash can be re-created into beauty.
Susan Robinson is a freelance artist specializing in painting mineral and gem specimens as well as birds and wildlife.

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