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November/December 2008

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Collector’s Note: The Treasure Chest Pockets

An Update on the Jacksons Crossroads Amethyst Mine
Wilkes County, Georgia

In May 2008 a small group of collectors, led by Terry Ledford and including Ryan Bowling, Thomas Davis, Noel DeDora, Paul Geffner, Ryan Ledford, and Travis Hartin, continued mining the now-well-known Jacksons Crossroads amethyst deposit. This occurrence, which is located in Wilkes County, Georgia, some 8 kilometers northwest of Tignal, has recently produced some of America’s finest gem and specimen amethyst (Cook et al. 2008; Bowling, Moore, and Ledford 2005). It is one of a trend of Piedmont amethyst occurrences spanning the eastern seaboard from Maine to Georgia (White and Cook 1990) that have sporadically produced wonderful specimens. productivity.
Paul Geffner has been involved in several commercial specimen-mining projects, including smoky quartz and amazonite from the Rocket mine, Lake George, Colorado; amethyst scepters from the Foster Hallman claim, Petersen Mountain, Nevada; and tourmaline from the Lithia dike claim, Anza, California. He has written articles on all of thse localities for Rocks & Minerals.

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