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March-April 2018

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2017 Thank-Yous

The annual list of those deserving special recognition for contributions to Rocks & Minerals has grown steadily through the years, as has our appreciation. Just as important as our faithful readership and advertisers is this loyal network composed of those who provide financial support and volunteer their time and services.

In 2017, donors to the Color Fund contributed toward an expanded January/February issue and color in all six issues of the magazine; organizations provided subscription table space at symposia and gem and mineral shows; volunteers worked shifts at shows; transporters delivered boxes of magazines to workers at shows; others provided space to store back issues and supplies in Arizona, Colorado, and even Germany until the next year's events; and in August the Dallas Mineral Symposium again sponsored an auction with three beneficiaries, one of which was Rocks & Minerals. Our thanks are extended to one and all.



Arkenstone, The (Rob Lavinsky)

Barthelmy, David

Cincinnati Mineral Society

Clark, Christopher

Crevoshay, Paula

Delano, Laura, LLD Productions

Dibble Family, Harold

Ferguson, J. Alan

Fine Minerals International (Daniel Trinchillo)

Friends of Mineralogy

Greenstone Fine Minerals (Brian Greenstone)

Hallelujah Partners (Paul Geffner)

Heritage Auctions (Craig Kissick)

Houran, Jim

Houston Gem and Mineral Society

Hughes, Richard

JTV Jewelry Television

Matrix India (Fasi Makki)

McEarl Ridge Zigras Mine (James Zigras)

Megaw, Peter

Meieran, Eugene

Miner's Lunchbox (Scott Werschky)

Munich Show (Keilmann Family)

Nimeral Min-Lab (Emanuele Marini)

Neely, Steve

Nevada Mineral & Book (Walt Lombardo)

Novak, Dan and Nancy

Oceanview Mine (Jeff Swanger)

Pala International

Pinnacle 5 Minerals (Dorris Family)

Rambo, Douglas E., in memory of George E. Rambo

Robison, Jim

Sussman, Marshall

Weinrich Minerals (Dan and Diana)

Wendel Minerals (Wolli and Karin)

Willis, Greg

Zhang, Jun


Besse, William

Cheshko, Ludmila

Dallaire, Don

Francis, Carl and Diane

Gray, Pat and Mike

Huizing, Caitlin

Huizing, Kristine

Jackson, Gordon

Leybov, Michael

Neumeier, Günther

Pellar, Ron

Riggs, Megan

Severance, Bill

Von Bargen, David


Bloomington, Indiana

Cincinnati, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio

Dallas Mineral Collecting Symposium

Delano, Laura, Productions, LLC

Denver, Colorado

Detroit, Michigan

Fine Mineral Show (Denver, Tucson)

Munich, Germany

Rochester, New York (symposium)

Socorro, New Mexico (symposium)

Springfield, Massachusetts (East Coast Show)

Tucson, Arizona

Zinn Expositions


Basbagill, Maggie

Jacobson, Mark and Ruth

Mueller, Wolfgang and Diana

Neumeier, Günther

Weise, Christian

Wendel Minerals


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