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July-August 2018

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The Where of Mineral Names: Creedite, Colorado Fluorspar Company Mine, Wagon Wheel Gap, Mineral County, Colorado

CREEDITE, Ca3Al2(SO4)(OH)2F8·2H2O, is a calcium aluminium sulfate fluoro-hydroxide. It forms colorless to white to purple, monoclinic prismatic crystals, frequently in acicular radiating sprays of fine prisms. It is translucent to transparent, with a hardness of 3.5–4 and a specific gravity of 2.7. At its type locality, creedite formed white to colorless grains and poorly developed crystals to 5 mm associated with barite and kaolinite or halloysite.


Mark Ivan Jacobson, a consulting editor of Rocks & Minerals, specializes in pegmatites and their histories of exploitation.

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