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January-February 2018

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Collector's Note: Bisbee Azurite Reunited at the University of Arizona

The University of Arizona Mineral Museum, in Tucson, was recently given a major gift from Princeton University that inadvertently reunited two Bisbee azurite specimens. The story begins prior to 1900 in Bisbee, Arizona. Bisbee was a booming copper mining town with many active mines that were supplying some of the copper—used in wire, for example—that was electrifying the country. Many of these mines employed mining engineers and geologists from the great Eastern schools including Princeton University in New Jersey. Being erstwhile supporters of their alma mater, they sent samples and specimens home to Princeton from the mines where they worked.


Ron Gibbs is a retired mining engineer, a longtime mineral collector, and currently a research associate and volunteer at the University of Arizona Mineral Museum in Tucson.

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