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November-December 2017

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Emerging Mineral Finds from Northern Iran

In the past few years, new finds of Iranian minerals, such as fluorite and andradite, have been introduced to the collecting community at mineral shows and in publications. Minerals from the oxidized zone of lead-zinc-bearing ore deposits, such as wulfenite, mimetite, and vanadinite, have been reported in detail from central Iran (Hairapetian, Welting, and Pelckmans 2015; Hairapetian et al. 2016; Grüll 2015). In this article we focus on some of the other new and exciting discoveries made in Iran so collectors can become more familiar with the country's mineralogical wealth. 


Vachik Hairapetian is a paleontologist and a lecturer at the Department of Geology, Islamic Azad University of Esfahan (Khorasgan Branch). He started his mineral collection in 1994.

Herwig Pelckmans studied geology at the University of Ghent (Belgium) and has been collecting minerals since his childhood. He has written many articles for both local and international mineral magazines and has given lectures throughout Europe and the United States.

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