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May-June 2017

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Grand Opening of the David Friend Mineral Hall & Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History's 150th Anniversary Celebration

There is something so right about being in New Haven, Connecticut, in the month of October. The leaves are turning into a wash of beautiful colors and standing among them is the very stately Peabody Museum of Natural History, nestled in the Yale University campus. This particular October held a special meaning as it was the 150th anniversary of the establishing of this fine institution. On the very weekend of the celebration (21–22 October 2016), there was a special mineral symposium held in the newly constructed and unveiled David Friend Hall.

David Friend is a passionate collector who had a vision of continuing the good work done at the Peabody and so created the way to build this fine addition where, at one time, an auditorium stood. He had a dream of a newly designed hall with beautifully lit cabinets to show off the mammoth-sized minerals from places such as China, Namibia, and France and the smaller pieces known as “thumbnails” in a cabinet of their own. Contemporary pieces are neatly displayed as are beautiful and rare gemstones and jewelry. There is even a wall of over two hundred fossilized fish with a palm frond. 


Gail Copus Spann and her husband, Jim, are collectors of fine minerals from worldwide localities and have immersed themselves in the hobby during the past twelve years

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