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March-April 2017

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You're Mine! Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Bode Dias Torres

She was such a cute little girl sitting on her dad's knee at various mineral shows in Germany. We watched her through her teenage years, university years, a career with Lufthansa, and the move to Lisbon. The Bode family holds a position as one of the most prolific publishers of mineral books and the very fine magazine Mineralien-Welt. Kristina Bode is almost always by her parents' side at mineral shows around the world, or she will show up as the company representative, as she did at the 2016 Denver Gem and Mineral Show.

Kristina speaks fluent Portuguese, so she is a natural in Lisbon. And then along came Carlos Dias Torres. The two had been acquaintances and had many Lisbon friends in common with whom they socialized as a group. As time went by they realized that together they were uncommonly happy and that they loved traveling together to all parts of the world, thanks to that Lufthansa connection. On a trip to South Africa Carlos proposed, and a new life path was in place. The mineral connection will never leave Kristina, and Carlos has jumped into that world with great enthusiasm.

Dona Lee Leicht and her husband, Wayne, have owned and operated Kristalle in Laguna Beach, California, since 1974.

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