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July-August 2017

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Who's Who in Mineral Names: Marshall Sussman (b. 1944)

Marshallsussmanite, NaCaMnSi3O8(OH), is a sodium-calcium-manganese silicate that was discovered in 2011 at the Wessels and adjacent N'Chwaning II manganese mines in the Kalahari manganese field, Northern Cape Province, South Africa. Three flats of this material, initially thought to be ferrobustamite, were brought to the United States by Marshall Sussman, a Tucson-based dealer and collector specializing in the minerals of southern Africa. Preliminary analysis showed that the material resembled a manganese-bearing pectolite, but a more detailed study allowed Origlieri, Downs, and Yang (2013) to characterize a new species that they named in honor of Marshall Sussman. The intriguing story of the discovery has been told in full by Pohwat (2014) and Origlieri (2014). 


Dr. Malcolm Southwood has collected minerals for more than thirty years and has a special interest in minerals from southern Africa and the United Kingdom.

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