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July-August 2017

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Road-Cut Mineral Occurrences of St. Lawrence County New York, Part 7: Lead Mine Road Gash Veins

This seventh article in our road-cut series describes a newly discovered pair of gash veins exposed in a road cut along a narrow side road. The well-crystallized dolomite is of particular interest to collectors.


The Lead Mine Road gash veins can be found on the southern shoulder of Lead Mine Road at 44°24′02′″N, 75°31′950′″W in the town of Macomb, approximately 200 yards from the border between the towns of Macomb and Gouverneur, St. Lawrence County, New York.


This site is within, but does not appear on, Brown's 1983 mapping of the Beaver Creek area. The location was first noticed and brought to our attention by Donald M. Carlin Jr. of Russell, New York, in the spring of 2015. Although in plain view, this occurrence had not previously been exploited for mineral specimens. Carlin's initial efforts produced approximately two hundred specimens of aesthetic dolomite crystals and poorly formed calcite crystals. Thereafter, Carlin and several other collectors worked the site extensively.


Michael R. Walter is an earth science and geology teacher and an active field collector of the minerals of upstate New York and Canada.

Dr. Steven C. Chamberlain, a consulting editor of Rocks & Minerals, is a passionate collector specializing in the minerals of New York State and is coordinator of the Center for Mineralogy at New York State Museum.

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