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September/October 2016: In This Issue

New Finds of Mimetite and Vanadinite from Central Iran

by Vachik Hairapetian, Herwig Pelckmans, Tim Welting, Alireza Sarami and Pourya Hosseini

In the oxidized zone of lead-zinc-bearing ore deposits of Iran, mimetite is one of the most common arsenates, sometimes in association with vanadinite.

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Exceptional Volkovskite Crystals from Zechstein Evaporites at the Boulby Mine, Cleveland, England

by Jac Genis, Max D. Freier, David I. Green and Tom F. Cotterell

Volkovskite is reported from the Late Permian Boulby Halite Formation at Boulby mine on the northeast coast of England.

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