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November-December 2016

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The Fersman Museum: At 300 Years, the Oldest Mineralogical Museum in Russia

IN 2016 THE OLDEST RUSSIAN NATURAL SCIENCE MUSEUM, known the world over as the Fersman Mineralogical Museum, celebrates its 300-year anniversary. Today it has one of the largest mineralogical museum collections in the world with 150,000 specimens in total and more than 15,000 specimens in seventeen special exhibits displayed in the showcases of one huge hall. The largest consists of a systematic exhibit of 3,500 mineral species.

Dr. Victor K. Garanin is the scientific leader at the Fersman Mineralogical Museum and a professor at Moscow State University.

Dr. Elena A. Borisova is the senior scientist at the Fersman Mineralogical Museum.

Nina A. Mokhova is a scientist at the Fersman Mineralogical Museum.

Dr. Michael B. Leybov, a consulting editor of Rocks & Minerals, is a senior scientist at Moscow State University.       

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