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November-December 2016

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Connoisseur's Choice: Euclase, La Marina Mine, Municipio de Pauna, Boyacá, Colombia

Euclase is a species whose beauty and rarity make it very desirable to collectors of minerals and gems. Colored examples are easily the most glamorous of the beryllium minerals after beryl and chrysoberyl. Exceptional euclase specimens appeared at the 2016 Tucson Gem and Mineral Society's show where they attracted much attention, motivating the selection of this issue's Connoisseur's Choice.

Dr. Carl A. Francis, an executive editor of Rocks & Minerals, is curator at the Maine Mineral and Gem Museum in Bethel, Maine.

Dr. Robert B. Cook, an executive editor of Rocks & Minerals, is a professor emeritus in the Department of Geosciences at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama.       

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