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May-June 2016

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Through the ‘Scope: Micromounters’ Hall of Fame Revisited

It has been forty years since Herb Corbett, then president of the Baltimore Mineral Society (BMS), first put forth the idea of a Micromounters' Hall of Fame (MMHoF). Corbett's idea came to fruition in 1980 with the announcement of the first six members elected and saw its implementation with their induction in 1981. In the ensuing thirty-five years, membership in the MMHoF has grown to seventy-two with the addition of Mr. Louis D'Alonzo and Dr. Donald Howard in October 2015. At the time of this writing, there are twenty-seven living and forty-four deceased members (the status of member Bill Hunt, born in 1914, is unknown).

Quintin Wight is the author of The Complete Book of Micromounting (Mineralogical Record, 1993).

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