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March-April 2016

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The Mineral and Gem Asia Show in Hong Kong, June 2015

There is no doubt that China plays a huge role in the world of mineral collecting. Its role thus far has been almost entirely as suppliers of some of the finest mineral specimens found. Yes, there are many mineral museums in China, but their displays are—forgive me, my Chinese friends—often dull and uninteresting. Through the years we have heard there may be some serious mineral collectors in the country, but they were not known to most of us. When the Chinese started coming to Tucson, it was mostly as sellers; only a few were buyers. I think they turned up at the major mineral shows worldwide mainly to observe and study the way the shows were being run.

Dona Lee Leicht and her husband, Wayne, have owned and operated Kristalle in Laguna Beach, California, since 1971.

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