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September-October 2015

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Pegmatite Minerals of the Chickering Mine, Walpole, Cheshire County, New Hampshire

During the past fifteen or so years, we have made infrequent trips to the Chickering mine in Walpole, New Hampshire. We all share a common interest in New Hampshire mineral species, have a predilection for microminerals, and are members of the Micromounters of New England, where we gather regularly to show and to discuss our discoveries.

Robert Wilken specializes in microminerals from New Hampshire, Connecticut, Arizona, and Mont Saint-Hilaire and prefers self-collected specimens.

Robert Janules has been a mineral collector and micromounter for more than thirty years, with pegmatite minerals being a special interest.

Thomas Mortimer, a retired electrical engineer, has been actively field collecting New England minerals for forty years.       

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