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2011 Gold Ink Silver Award Winner

May/June 2015: In This Issue

This large, walk-in replica of a cave lets visitors learn about stalactites, stalagmites, and other cave formations. Jamie Kronick photo, Canadian Museum of Nature.

The Classic Danburite Occurrence Near Russell, St. Lawrence County, New York

The danburite occurence south of the village of Russell in St. Lawrence County, New York, is one of the classic localities of the northeastern United States.

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Danburite crystal, 7 cm, from Site 1 from the Ronald Bentley collection. SCC 16073 specimen.

The Vale Earth Gallery: Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

During the past decade or so, mineral exhibits have been gradually changing from chemically arranged systematic displays to grouping mineral species by their geological origins. With that idea in mind, the Canadian Museum of Nature has done a magnificent job in its Vale Earth Gallery by answering the age-old questions of “What is a mineral, and how does it form?”

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