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May-June 2015

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The Classic Danburite Occurrence Near Russell, St. Lawrence County, New York

THE DANBURITE OCCURRENCE south of the village of Russell in St. Lawrence County, New York (fig. 2), is one of the classic localities of the northeastern United States. After the original discovery of danburite in Danbury, Connecticut, the Russell locality was the second known occurrence and the first with an abundance of sharply formed crystals that could be measured and described (Brush and Dana 1880). In the intervening 130-plus years since the Brush and Dana (1880) paper, the Russell occurrence has become something of a historical oddity. Danburite specimens from Russell suffered by comparison to the large, transparent, extremely sharp crystals found at several mines in Japan and the large output of spectacular specimens from San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Aside from the occasional tenacious regional field collector, and those seeking historical specimens with interesting provenance, few others even remembered this locality and its specimens.

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