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March-April 2015

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Chips from the Quarry

IMPROVING WITH AGE: With the January/February 2015 issue, Rocks & Minerals began its ninetieth year of publication. What started as a 20-page, stapled 5.5 × 9-inch quarterly back in 1926 has evolved into today's 96-page, perfect-bound 8.5 × 11-inch bimonthly that is available both in print and online. During that time it also went from having no illustrations—not even on the cover—to full-color images throughout, and from mostly East Coast subscribers to a worldwide subscriber base and a presence on newsstands. However, although the format of the magazine has changed through the decades and the number of readers has dramatically increased, the focus, established by founder/publisher/editor Peter Zodac those many years ago, has remained firmly rooted on the collector.

Zodac was at the helm from 1926 until his death, at the age of seventy-two, in 1967. Immediately thereafter his cousin James Bourne and wife Winifred picked up the reins and continued to publish Rocks & Minerals without interruption until it was purchased by the Helen Dwight Reid Educational Foundation (HELDREF) in 1975. The fourth and current publisher is the Taylor & Francis Group, which purchased it in 2009. There have likewise been only four editors: Peter Zodac (1926–1966), James and Winifred Bourne (1967–1974), Linda Dove (1975–fall 1978), and Marie Huizing (fall 1978 to the present).

The total number of issues published through 2014 is 672, of which 454 are small-format issues and 218 large-format issues.

I close this brief salute to the longevity of Peter Zodac's legacy with a toast to the next ninety years and beyond … and to aging well!

BACK ISSUES: If you're a collector trying to assemble a complete set of Rocks & Minerals back to that first issue in 1926, it's still possible, albeit not without its difficulties. At the editorial office we have a limited number of early issues that have been donated from estates. Income from their sale goes into our Color Fund, which supports color production in current issues. Please email us your want list, and perhaps we can supply the issues you need (

Keith Williams, of Williams Minerals Company in Rio, West Virginia, also has a stock of back issues, including, at the time of this writing, two complete sets. He can be contacted at or

R&M's MVPs: On pages 114–115 acknowledgment and a note of thanks are extended to those who supported Rocks & Minerals in 2014 by volunteering their time and by donating to the Color Fund and benefit auctions held in conjunction with the Tucson Show and conducted online by John Veevaert of Trinity Minerals. Their contributions are appreciated.

BOBCOOKITE: No sooner did we publish a list of Rocks & Minerals' consulting and executive editors who have had minerals named after them (see this column in the November/December issue) than another of our editors was so-honored. Dr. Robert (Bob) Cook, longtime executive editor from Auburn, Alabama, now has a namesake mineral: bobcookite. You can read more about Bob and bobcookite in an upcoming Who's Who in Mineral Names column being prepared by John S. White.

PUBLICIZING YOUR EVENT: Your group can plan the best show, swap, or symposium in the country, but unless people know about it, they won't come. To help get the word out, be sure to list your event in our free Coming Events column, which runs in every issue and also on our website ( See this issue's column, beginning on page 197, for details.

For year-round exposure, sign up for a listing in the “Shows” category in our Internet Directory. It will appear in every issue for one full year at a nominal cost and will also be posted on our website. See this issue's Internet Directory, beginning on page 195, for details.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: The Houston Gem and Mineral Society, in memory of Arthur E. Smith, and the Cincinnati Mineral Society underwrote color costs in the Connoisseur's Choice column; Maryanne and John Fender (Fender Minerals) did the

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