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July-August 2015

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New Hall at the Paris Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle

Those who have visited the venerable Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle (National Museum of Natural History) in Paris have usually come away with a strong sense of history—it just permeates the entire building and vibrates off the walls. Consider such revered names in the mineral field as Desfontaines, Buffon, Haüy, Cuvier, Lacroix, Lamark, Saint-Hilaire, Des Cloizeaux, Becquerel—it doesn't get any more historic. Parisians will tell you that Paris is the birthplace of crystallography; I won't argue with them on that when they had Haüy and Romé de l'Isle (at the École des Mines [School of Mines] just a few hedge rows away) working together in the 1700s.

Dona Leicht and her husband, Wayne, have owned and operated Kristalle in Laguna Beach, California, since 1971.       

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