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July-August 2015

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Mineralogy of the Gallagher Vanadium Property and Manila Mine, Cochise County, Arizona

The Tombstone mining district in Cochise County, Arizona, is one of the country's most notorious nineteenth-century mining camps (Williams 1980). Apart from yielding silver bullion, it is also the source of much Western lore including the gunfight at the O.K. Corral and some great mineral occurrences. An extraordinary array of secondary tellurium minerals, wulfenite, jarosite, cuprite, and silver halides has been recovered from historic workings in and around the town of Tombstone. By contrast, southwest of Tombstone are the largely unknown Gallagher vanadium properties that to date have yielded more than fifty micro-sized and excellent hand specimens of anglesite, chlorargyrite, desclozite, fluorite, gold, jarosite, mimetite, vanadinite, and wulfenite. 

Dr. Robert Bowell, a consulting geochemist, specializes in collecting minerals from the oxide zone of base-metal deposits, particularly Tsumeb.

Rolf and Mary Ray Luetcke enjoy collecting at Arizona localities. Rolf prefers microminerals and also does photo micrography.

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