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January-February 2015

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Behind the Scenes at Lapis with Christian Weise

Each time I write one of these articles I marvel at the talented personalities involved in mineral publishing. During our more-than-thirty-five-year friendship, Christian Weise, the editor, founder, and publisher of Lapis, has never ceased to amaze me. You may not be a subscriber, but I can bet that somewhere along the way you have picked up a copy of Lapis and after leafing through it, moaned, “Gosh, I wish this were published in English.” Don't stress—we've all thought the same thing, but don't let the German language keep you from enjoying probably the one magazine with the most photos and up-to-date information, an eye-catching layout, and the always firsthand, right-from-the-source accounts of collecting specimens. To my knowledge, Lapis has one of the highest circulations of any mineral magazine in print today—somewhat more than ten thousand subscribers worldwide! It is also one of the few mineral magazines published monthly. The first issue of Lapis appeared in November 1976, but let's take a step back and explore what it takes to publish so prolific a magazine. Although Christian can be spotted at many European shows, he is rarely seen at U.S. shows, much to my dismay.

Dona Leicht and her husband, Wayne, have owned and operated Kristalle in Laguna Beach, California, since 1971. This is her fifth article in the series on people behind the publications. She previously featured Mineralogical Almanac (September/October 2011), Mineralien-Welt (March/April 2012), Mineral Up (November/December 2012), and U.K. Journal of Mines and Minerals (May/June 2014).

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