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November-December 2014

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Through the 'Scope: The Year in Micromounting—2013 Was A Year for Philosophy

A few months ago, correspondence I had with Dr. David Roe, newsletter editor of the British Micromount Society (BrMS), triggered some philosophical musings about micromounting in general and a few things in particular. Why, for example, have we so few, if any, micromount “clubs”? There are lots of mineral clubs, but micromounters have societies, associations, groups, gatherings, even a “playroom,” and a few names that include “micro-mineral.” The closest one that comes to the “club” status is probably the Rock and Mineral Club of Lower Bucks County in Pennsylvania, but that's a mineral club with a subgroup of micromounters. It's a trivial question, of course, but there are more substantive ones that might bear looking into later.

Quintin Wight is the author of The Complete Book of Micromounting (Mineralogical Record, 1993).

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