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November-December 2014

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The Second China (Changsha) Mineral and Gem Show, 15–20 May 2014

I packed for the Second China (Changsha) Mineral and Gem Show knowing it was going to be a very different experience from last year. First, my wife, Allison, was staying home, so I would be traveling alone, and second, I knew that many of last year's guests and dealer participants were not going back for the second show, so the pool of familiar faces would be smaller. I also packed more hats than last year, having added being correspondent/representative for Rocks & Minerals and to my Tucson Gem and Mineral Society™ “ambassadorship.” Overlain on all that were the many questions revolving around how the show would stack up against last year's ambitious inaugural show, which in addition to being a valiant first effort had its share of first-time hiccups.

Dr. Peter Megaw, a consulting editor of Rocks & Minerals, is a well-known geologist, mineral collector, author, and longtime exhibits chair for the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.™

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