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November-December 2014

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History and Mineralogy of the Manganese Mine, Keweenaw County, Michigan

Located in the rugged Keweenaw Peninsula of Upper Michigan are two small manganese oxide deposits that occur about a mile south of the scenic settlement of Copper Harbor. The deposits occur within a mile of each other, but only one has been mined commercially and is the focus of this article. The first deposit discovered was a small vein of manganese oxides and calcite that crops out on the north shore of Lake Manganese along the west bank of Manganese Creek. The deposit is called the “Manganese Creek vein.” The second deposit, which is much larger, occurs about a mile east of Lake Manganese and is situated in a rugged, densely forested area.

Tom Rosemeyer, a native of Upper Michigan, is a graduate of Michigan Technological University in Houghton. He now spends a good part of the year in the Copper Country researching and writing articles about the district.

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