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May-June 2014

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Behind the Scenes With the Staff at the UK Journal of Mines and Minerals

Each time I am sitting in my husband's library I can't help but notice all those antiquarian books attributed to English mineralogists and representing their dedication, their passion, and their perseverance. I found some modern-day people with those same attributes: the “staff” behind the publication of the UK Journal of Mines and Minerals.

Dona Leicht and her husband, Wayne, have owned and operated Kristalle in Laguna Beach, California, since 1971. This is her fourth article in the series on people behind the publications. She previously featured Mineralogical Almanac (September/October 2011), Mineralien-Welt (March/April 2012), and Mineral Up (November/December 2012).

The full text of this article is available by subscription only.

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