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March-April 2014

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The Tiziano Bonisoli Collection, Turin (Torino), Italy

One's first impression upon entering the collection room of Tiziano Bonisoli on the top floor of his home in Turin, Italy, is that of a Wunderkammer, an eclectic mix of natural history, archeological, and other specimens (shells, meteorites, strangely shaped stalactites, arrowheads, a few fossils, and so on) scattered here and there. But when the lights are switched on in the wooden cabinets that line the walls, a remarkable mineral collection becomes apparent, whereas most of the other items are just personal souvenirs or curiosities.

Dr. Renato Pagano is a lifelong collector of rare species and fine minerals, as well as mineralogical books and instruments. He and his wife, Adriana, were the recipients of the 2013 Pinch Medal, and the mineral paganoite was named in their honor.

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