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July-August 2014

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Up from the Depths: Underwater Recovery of Agates from Lake Superior, Keweenaw County, Michigan

Colorful banded agates have been collected on the beaches of Lake Superior in the Keweenaw Peninsula for more than 150 years and were probably known to the Paleo Indians who mined copper there thousands of years ago. The term Lake Superior agates, coined in about 1900 by Alfred C. Lane, a Michigan state geologist, has been used for the loose agates found on beaches and in gravel pits in the Lake Superior region. This article focuses on the discovery and recovery of agates found in situ in the “Lake Shore Traps” by Bob and Joanie Barron while scuba diving in Lake Superior off Keweenaw Point, Keweenaw County, Michigan.

Tom Rosemeyer is a native of Upper Michigan and a graduate of Michigan Technological University. He now spends a good part of the year in the Copper Country researching and writing articles on the district.

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