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January-February 2014

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Collecting Diamonds and the Kimberley Process

Several dealers now offer for sale raw, uncut diamond crystals making them easily accessible to collectors. A recent trend in jewelry design is incorporating uncut diamonds into finished jewelry. In addition, uncut diamonds routinely are offered at natural history auctions through several major auction companies. But any collector or jeweler purchasing an uncut diamond crystal should be aware of the laws and regulations that are meant to control conflict diamonds.

John H. Betts is a mineral dealer and collector in New York City and runs where part of his business is selling uncut diamond crystals.

Tony Nikischer is the president of Excalibur Mineral Corporation, one of the world's leading suppliers of rare mineral species for researchers, museums, and private collectors. He is also the publisher of the monthly periodical Mineral News and chairman of the nonprofit Hudson Institute of Mineralogy. The mineral nikischerite was named in his honor in 2003.

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