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September-October 2013

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History and Mineralogy of the St. Louis Mine, Houghton County, Michigan

During the past three summer seasons, Larry Maltby and I have extensively collected at the St. Louis mine, located about 1.3 miles east of the village of Laurium, Michigan. This little-known locality is seldom visited by collectors but has yielded an array of species, including quartz, pumpellyite-(Mg), epidote, calcite, hematite, prehnite, laumontite, and copper, that occur as free-growing microcrystals in amygdules contained in a lava flow top. The mine has also yielded uniquely banded agates that occur in the flow top and contain micro- to macro-sized inclusions of copper. These copper inclusions differ radically from the copper-banded agates that have been collected from mines on the Kearsarge lode (Rosemeyer 2012) and constitute another major locality for copper-included agates in the Lake Superior native copper district.

Tom Rosemeyer, a native of Upper Michigan, is a graduate of Michigan Technological University, He now spends a good part of the year in the Copper Country researching and writing articles on the district.

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