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September-October 2013

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Copper Country Sculptor Lincoln Chadbourne Denton (1908–1935)

Denton was born in the Copper Country mining village of Painesdale, Michigan, the sixth of seven children. Although he was named Lincoln, people knew him as “Bill” throughout his life. His grandfather, Thomas Lincoln Chadbourne, had come to the region in 1862 and worked as a lawyer for the Calumet and Hecla Mining Company for most of his life, in addition to being on the first board of directors at the Michigan Mining School, later renamed Michigan Technological University. Denton's father, Frederick Warner Denton, was an instructor at Michigan Tech and later worked as general manager of the Copper Country Range Company. His mother, Hannah Lincoln Chadbourne Denton, was born in Houghton in 1869.

Susan Robinson is a freelance artist specializing in painting mineral and gem specimens as well as birds and wildlife.

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