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November-December 2013

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Minerals of the Scott Farm Pegmatite near Fine, St. Lawrence County, New York

A small pit on the old Scott farm in the Town of Fine in St. Lawrence County, New York (fig. 1), is the source of some of the finest crystallized specimens of zircon and titanite found in the state. Although first mentioned in the literature more than a century ago (Dana 1892), there has never been a systematic description of the locality and its minerals published, and very few specimens have ever been figured (e.g., Van Velthuizen et al. 2006). In this article we present a description based on field work at the locality and study of recently collected specimens with modern analytical techniques.

Dr. Steven C. Chamberlain, a collector specializing in the minerals of New York State, is the coordinator of the Center for Mineralogy at the New York State Museum.

Dr. Marian Lupulescu is curator of geology at the New York State Museum.

Dr. David G. Bailey is an associate professor of geoscience in the geosciences department at Hamilton College in Clinton, New York, and a research associate at the New York State Museum.

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