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November-December 2013

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The First China (Changsha) Mineral and Gem Show, 15–20 May 2013

Despite Hunan Province being home to a number of carbonate replacement deposits and skarns similar to those I (Peter) work on in Mexico, we have somehow never gotten there … or anywhere else in China for that matter. Thus it was with pleasant anticipation that we accepted the invitation of the organizers of the First China (Changsha) Mineral and Gem Show (CMGS) to attend as their guests to advise on exhibits. When the Tucson Gem and Mineral Society™ (TGMS™) got wind of this, they named me (Peter) the official TGMS™ ambassador to the Changsha Show. So armed with letters of congratulations and TGMS Show™ posters (2005 Minerals of China), we headed over to what was being billed as the “Oriental Tucson Show” to see whether it was possible to build a Tucson- or Munich-scale show essentially overnight.

Dr. Peter Megaw is a well-known geologist, mineral collector, author, and longtime exhibits chair for the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show™.

Allison Megaw has aided and abetted him in these pursuits for twenty-five years, and now that daughter Lauren has gone off to college (studying mineralogy and geology) Allison is traveling to more and more shows with Peter, focusing on the people and culture in addition to the minerals.

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