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May-June 2013

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Scovil Unpublished Favorites: 2012

As usual, the year 2012 was a busy one for me, as evidenced by a few statistics. I had 223 jobs and photographed 2,554 subjects, most of which were minerals, but many were cut gemstones and pieces of jewelry. There were also a number of such odds and ends as sculptures, bottles, and baskets. Despite doing my careful best, it is seldom that I get a shot “right” on the first try. After taking the first image, I usually have to make fine adjustments and take several more shots before I am satisfied with the results. Thus, I actually clicked the shutter a total of 10,161 times—an average of four shots per subject.

Jeffrey A. Scovil, a well-known professional mineral photographer, is the author of Photographing Minerals, Fossils, and Lapidary Materials (Geoscience Press, 1996). He is among those featured in The Grandmasters of Mineral Photography (Mineralogical Almanac, 2004).

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