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March-April 2013

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2012 Thank-Yous

The annual list of those deserving special recognition for contributions to Rocks & Minerals has grown steadily through the years, as has our appreciation. Just as important as our faithful readership and advertisers is this loyal network composed of those who provide financial support and volunteer their time and services.

In 2012, donors to the Color Fund contributed toward color in all six issues of the magazine; organizations provided subscription table space at symposia and gem and mineral shows; volunteers worked shifts, managed subscription tables at events not attended by the editor, and helped with the tremendous workload of putting on a silent auction; transporters delivered boxes of magazines to workers at shows; others provided space to store back issues and supplies in Arizona, Colorado, Maine, and even Germany until next year's events; the Tucson Gem and Mineral Society sponsored a benefit auction for the magazine at its February show; and volunteer John Veevaert conducted an online auction to benefit the Color Fund. Our thanks are extended to one and all.


Cincinnati Mineral Society

Daniels, Frank

Dibble, Harold

Fender Natural Resources (Maryanne and John Fender)

Fisher, Jesse

Friends of Mineralogy

Houston Gem and Mineral Society in memory of Arthur E. Smith

King, Vandall T.

Kureczka, Joan

McCoy, Fred

Melanson, Frank

Menezes, Luiz

Micromounters of New England in memory of Richard Pershken and Herb Fielding

Rateike, John

Rochester Mineralogical Symposium in honor of Jane Cooke for her longtime help with the symposium

Severance, William

Smith, Nancy, in memory of Arthur E. Smith

Sussman, Marshall

Zinn, Martin


(John Veevaert, chairperson online auction; Terry Huizing, general chairperson; Jean DeMouthe, set-up chairperson, Tucson auction)

AAA Minerals International

ABD, Inc.

Adelaide Mining Company

African Trading

Alexander's Jewelers


Amber America


Antiquities Plus

Arizona Minerals

Arkenstone, The

Artisan Jade

Atlantis Fossil Fish

Attard's Minerals

Australian Minerals

Axinite—PM: Iger Mikhaylov

Azul, Ambar


Baron, Scott & Associates

Belakovskiy, Dimitriy

Bergmann, Mike, Minerals

Black Hills Institute of Geological Research

Black Star Trading Company

Botha, Paul


Brazilian Stone Carvings by Peter Muller

Brown, Irv

Burillo, Luis Miguel Fernandez

Burkard, Horst

Butterflies by God

Cadaco Gems

Capetown Matrix Crystals

Capital Dazzle

Carved Opal and Obsidian

Casa de Lumbre

Cecil Collection


Coleman, Ron, Mining

Collector's Edge

Collector's Stope

Comet Meteorite Shop

Cornerstone Minerals

Crystal Circle

Crystal Classics

Crystal Creations: Carol Johnson

Crystal Habit

Crystal Springs Mining & Jewelry Company

Crystals Unlimited

Crystal World & Prehistoric Journeys

Dameron, Bill and Diana

D & M Rock & Gem

Davidi, Janet

Davidson, Brendan M.

D.A.W. Trading Company

DB Opals

De Natura

Diaz Jewelry

DiWolf: Diana and Wolfgang Mueller

Doost Gems

Douglass Minerals

Dreaming Down Under

Earth Science International

Elite Design Jewelry

Elizabeth's Cottage by the Sea

El-Mar Enterprises

Ethiopian Opal Exporter

Fabre Minerals

Fenn's Gems & Minerals

Fine Minerals International

Fine Mineral Specimens

Five Lions Gems

Fossilien Galerie

Foster, Michele, Designs

Freeland, David R., Jr.

Garsow, John

Gathering of Spirits Gallery

Gemas: Nelson Ospina

Gem Trader

Gems & Crystals Unlimited



Geokrazy Minerals

Geonic Mineral Collection

Gold Bugs Trilobites

Gonzolo, Jaro

Gordian, Tony

Graeber, Cal and Kerith

Great Basin Minerals

Grenville Minerals

GT Meteorites

Guilin De Tian Geological Mineral Museum

Gul, Zeb, Mineralien

Hage, Russ

Hamza Gems & Minerals


Haynes, Patrick

Heirloom Enterprises Company

Hilary Silver and Gold Jewelry

H. K. International

Horizon Mineral & Custom Lapidary

Hyrsl, Jaroslav


Indus Valley Commerce

Inland Lapidary

Inner Earth

Inside Passage Arts


Iteco: Paul and Kelli Cory


Jeanne's Rock & Jewelry

Jewel Tunnel Imports

Jones, Evan

J. P. International

JR Minerals

Kalachev, Viacheslav

K & K International

Karma Minerals

Keweenaw Gem & Gift

Komodo Dragon


La Casa de Cobre

La Concha

Lambert Minerals

Larimer USA

Lehigh Minerals

Lehmann Minerals

Lexcel Minerals

LK Enterprises

Lo Rador Gem House

Lost Mine Company

Lowcountry Geologic

Luna Creations

Majestic Minerals

Malachite & Gems of Africa

Malansky, Steven Paul

M & R Trading

Matrix India

McCullough Fossils

McHeil Minerals

Medici, John, Collection

Megaw, Peter, Minerals

Menezes, Luiz, Minerals

Merveilles de la Terre

MGM Minerals

Midwest Minerals and Mining

Mine Invest Brazil

Mineral Cabinet

Mineral Classics

Mineral Décor

Mineral Exploration Services

Mineralien & Fossilien Galerie

Mineral Miner

Mineral of the Month Club

Mineralogical Almanac

Minerals Sarai


Miner K

Miner's Lunchbox

Modreski, Peter

Montana Gem

Moore, Tom

Morgan, Bob

Mountain Gems & Minerals

Mountain Minerals International

Moussa Minerals & Fossils


Nature's Finest Creations

Nature's Gallery

Nemeth, Michael

Nooristan Crystal

North Star Minerals

O. B. Rocks & Minerals

Olson, Donald K., and Associates

One-of-a-Kind Jewelry

Orcas Arts & Gifts

Originals by C. Sues

Pagano, Adriana and Renato

Pala International


P.A.M. Originals

Pani Meteorites

Patagonia Minerals

Peak Valley Gems & Minerals

Pietra Jewelery

Piritus de Navajun

Pizzazz Unlimited

Ponomarenko, Victor

Porte de Sahara

PRS Jewelery

PZ Originals

Queit, C. S.

Ramos Minerals

RayCyn Minerals

Red Beryl Mine

R.J.B. Rock Shop

Rock Décor

Rock Logic



Rocks of Ages

Rock Solid Jade

Rocky Mountain Gems & Minerals

Russian Minerals

Sacred Earth Fine Minerals

S & J's Fine Jewelry

Scarlet Fire

Scovil, Jeff

Seibel Minerals

Self-a-Ware Minerals

SGI Mine

Something New

Sparco International

Spirifer Geological Society


Sue's Creations

Sumayer Gems

Sunnywood Collection

Superb Minerals

Sztacho, Peter

Tacana: Yury Pustov

Terra Fauna

Throwin' Stones


UK Mining Ventures

Ulrich's Fossil Fish Gallery & Preparatory


Villalba Collection

Voelter Minerals

Warfield Fossil Quarries

Way Too Cool

Weinrich, Dan and Diana, Minerals

Wendel Minerals

Wendy's Minerals

West Coast Mining Co.

Western Minerals

Wolfe, Tom, Minerals

Wood, Bruce, Minerals

Work, Jim

Wright's Rock Shop

Xtal—Dennis Beals Minerals

Zinn, Martin


Cincinnati, Ohio

Denver, Colorado

Detroit, Michigan

Springfield, Massachusetts (East Coast Show)

Munich, Germany

Rochester, New York (symposium)

Tucson, Arizona

Zinn Expositions


Besse, William

Carlsen, Ken and Rose

Charsky, Matt and Jean

Cheshko, Ludmila

Clifford, Paul and Jan

Cook, Anne

Cook, Bob

De Mouthe, Jean

Dianich, Jane

Domitrovic, Anna

Eveleth, Bob

Francis, Carl and Diane

Gaber, Bruce

Gallagher, Susan

Hayes, Keith

Hecht, Steve and Pam

Jacobson, Mark

Leuth, Virgil

Leybov, Michael

Liebetrau, Al and Sue

Modreski, Pete

Morgan, Bob

Mueller, Diana and Wolfgang

Muntyan, Barbara

Newman, Jamie

Pellar, Ron

Perucca, Melissa

Precht, Harris

Richardson, Ann

Roberts, Rosemary

Schlichter, Vera

Severance, Bill

Speer, Alex

Teague, John and Cookie

Thompson, Jack and Kaye

Veevaert, John

Von Bargen, David

Weinberger, Carolyn and Steve


Basbagill, Maggie

Besse, William

Burchard, Karin and Ulrich

Kuennemeier, Jane and Paul

Mueller, Diana and Wolfgang

Ottens, Ingrid and Burt

Precht, Harris

Thompson, Louise and Woodrow

Weise, Christian


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