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November-December 2012

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Road-Cut Mineral Occurrences of St. Lawrence County, New York, Part 5: The Prehnite Occurrence on the Russell-Hermon Road

This fifth article in our road-cut series documents an unusual locality that is atypical of the mineralization in the Precambrian rocks of St. Lawrence County, New York. It is exactly because the specimens produced are atypical and therefore are more likely to be discarded as mislabeled or relabeled with an attribution to another locality that we are writing this brief description. An occurrence of prehnite, fluorite, chabazite-Ca, and chalcopyrite, with quartz, calcite, adularia, microcline, oligoclase, sphalerite, and pyrite is unique in this region. Moreover, the prehnite and fluorite specimens have long merited collector attention.

Dr. Steven C. Chamberlain, a passionate collector specializing in the minerals of New York State, is coordinator of the Center for Mineralogy at the New York State Museum.

Michael Walter is an active field collector of the minerals of upstate New York and Canada.

Dr. Marian Lupulescu is curator of geology at the New York State Museum.

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