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September-October 2011

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A Wedding at the Sterling Hill Mine, Ogdensburg, New Jersey

Say the word wedding and almost everyone thinks of brides in flowing white gowns, bridesmaids in their finery, men in their Sunday-best suits, the hushed intonations of wedding vows, and rice showered upon the bride and groom as they exit the church. Not so at Sterling Hill. The periodical Weird New Jersey does not exist for nothing, and we here at Sterling Hill do our part to cement the reputation of our tiny state as one very strange place. And so it was on 9 April 2011, when Gary Moldovany and Heather Ogawa were united in marriage underground, in the Rainbow Room of the Sterling Hill zinc mine in Ogdensburg.

Dr. Earl R. Verbeek spent most of his career as a research geologist with the U.S. Geological Survey (Denver) and is now resident geologist at the Sterling Hill Mining Museum in Ogdensburg, New Jersey.

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