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November-December 2011

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Morocco: Tea and Minerals

Traveling with mineral photographer Jeff Scovil to faraway mineralogical destinations has become an annual tradition for me. These are places where we, the Spirifer Geological Society, normally work, so I have numerous associates at each who help us organize the trips; sometimes we already have personal knowledge of the mineralogical attractions. In the past few years Jeff and I had toured Bulgaria, Kosovo, Poland, Romania, and Madagascar (Scovil 2010), and now it was time for Morocco. Morocco is one of those places I visit several times a year, checking out localities and looking for specimens. It was to be the first visit for Jeff's friend, Leslie Albin, who accompanied us. We set off for this North African country in November 2009, just after the Munich Mineral Show.

Tomasz Praszkier, a geologist by profession, is president of the Spirifer Geological Society, editor of Minerals newspaper, and a frequent contributor to mineralogical publications worldwide.

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