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March-April 2011

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Scovil Unpublished Favorites: 2010

The year 2010 entailed the least amount of traveling for me in years—only 212 days “on the road” and only four foreign countries visited. I took 2,394 photos of minerals, gems, and jewelry as well as a few Native American baskets for one dealer whose interests are not exclusively mineralogical. Digital photography has pretty much taken over; however, I still shoot film in the large format (4 × 5) camera and 35-mm slides on rare occasions, with only five rolls total used for the year.

Jeffrey A. Scovil, a well-known professional mineral photographer, is the author of Photographing Minerals, Fossils, and Lapidary Materials (Geoscience Press, 1996). He is among those featured in The Grand Masters of Mineral Photography (Mineralogical Almanac, 2004).

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