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July-August 2011

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Through the ‘Scope: The Year in Micromounting—2010 Was a Quiet Year

Although 2010 was relatively quiet, two of our more colorful members left us this year—Bill Meinert and Jean McKenna.

Bill Meinert, who died on 17 April, was chairman of the Arthur Roe Memorial Micromount Symposium of the Tucson Gem and Mineral Society and, together with his wife, Lois, welcomed attendees, set up giveaways, arranged microscopes, and provided masses of packing material to all who came. He was, in the finest of senses, a “character” among micromounters, known and respected by the best in the hobby. His absence will make a difference.

Jean McKenna, who followed on 15 June, was equally colorful but in a different manner. She was famous for the bright badges on her clothing, for her efforts to get minerals on stamps, and for her colorful photographs, not of minerals, but of people. She and Marcelle Weber (now deceased) were the ones at the Rochester Mineralogical Symposium who were forever mustering people who had minerals named for them into groups to be immortalized on film. Jean, never without her camera, would appear the following year with her shots mounted on a large board for display, then do it all over again. Things will be less vibrant without her.

Quintin Wight is the author of The Complete Book of Micromounting (Mineralogical Record, 1993).

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