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January-February 2011

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Recent Finds at the Oceanview Mine Pala District San Diego County California

Not quite ten years old, at long last the Oceanview mine in California's Pala district is producing some of the mineral treasures for which the area is famous.

The first major success at the Oceanview mine came with the discovery of the 49er Pocket in 2007 (Mauthner 2008). After gleaning all that it had to offer, miners went back up the haulage tunnel and stoped up-dip on the pegmatite dike at a few locations where they thought pockets might be encountered. Though several were indeed found, they held only smoky quartz, feldspar, and minor schorl. These provided some nice specimens and a bit of cutting rough, but the holy grail of this location is lithium, or rather lithium-bearing gem minerals, thus far a frustratingly elusive quarry at the Oceanview.

Mark Mauthner, a consulting editor of Rocks & Minerals, is assisting with specimen mining at the Oceanview mine.

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