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September-October 2010

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Mindat's Tenth Anniversary: 10/10/10 Marks the Official Date

As of October of this year, it has been exactly ten years since Mindat first appeared live on the Internet. Since then, it has grown into by far the most consulted website for free mineral locality information. As of July 2010, there was already information on more than 220,000 localities, containing well over 640,000 mineral entries and 320,000 photos of minerals and mineral localities. Thanks to the efforts of Mindat's many volunteer contributors, these numbers are increasing every day, and the statistics will be seriously out of date by the time you read these lines!


In London on Christmas Day 1993, computer programmer Jolyon Ralph got bored. To pass the time, he started developing a DOS program to store mineral locality data and to catalogue his own collection; it remained restricted to his own personal use for almost seven years. Jolyon registered the domain name in 2000, and it went live on the web in early October of that year.

Alfredo Petrov, a consulting editor of Rocks & Minerals, is one of the site managers for Mindat.

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