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November-December 2010

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Thirty-sixth Rochester Mineralogical Symposium: Contributed Papers in Specimen Mineralogy—Part 3

THE TWENTY-SIXTH TECHNICAL SESSION of the Rochester Mineralogical Symposium was held on 24 April 2009. Eighteen abstracts were accepted and seventeen were presented as oral papers. The review panel consisted of Dr. Steven Chamberlain, New York State Museum; Dr. Carl Francis, Harvard University; Dr. Sarah Hanson, Adrian College; Dr. Robert King, Tewkesbury, Great Britain; Dr. Marian Lupulescu, New York State Museum; and Dr. George Robinson, Michigan Technological University.

Romania: its mineral richness and beauty. G. Udubasa1, M. Lupulescu1,2, V. Gorduza3, and S. S. Udubasa1. 1Dept. of Mineralogy, University of Bucharest, Bucharest 010041, Romania; 2New York State Museum, Albany, New York 12230; 3Museum of Mineralogy, Baia Mare 430212, Romania.

The geological structure of Romania is very complicated and includes geological formations from Precambrian to Recent (Danube Delta) in age. The evolution of the Romanian territory was marked by numerous deformation and magmatic events, from Precambrian to Pliocene. This is why the mineral wealth of Romania is very rich and comprises more than one thousand mineral species. The most conspicuous are the sulfides (and tellurides) and the sulfosalts, the native elements (mostly gold), sulfates, and carbonates as well as silicates. Some thirty mineral species have their type locality in Romania, among them the most celebrated are Sacaramb, formerly Nagyag (type locality for several tellurides); Baita Bihor, formerly Rezbanya (type locality of some Bi-sulfosalts); and Baia Sprie, formerly Felsöbanya (type locality of several Sb-sulfosalts and of some sulfates). Native tellurium was also first described in Romania, at Fata Baii (formerly Facebanya) in the Metaliferi Mountains. (western Romania).

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