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May-June 2010

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Marija Nabernik, Slovenian Mineral Artist (b. 1983)

I am thankful to Igor Dolinar for being a mineral collector and introducing his friend, artist Marija Nabernik, to the world of minerals. He also acquainted her with Dr. Aleksander Rečnik, author of Mineral Localities in Slovenia, thereby providing the impetus for her first illustrations of minerals.

Nabernik states that her interest in art has been “since forever” and that art has become her life's career and passion. She majored in graphic design at the High School of Design and Photography in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and then continued her education at the Academy for Fine Arts and Design. Under the guidance of Prof. Zdravko Papič, her advisor, Nabernik is currently working on a master's thesis titled “Scientific Illustration in Slovenia and Effects of Modern Media,” which focuses on portraying minerals. The artist states, “Of all my projects, scientific illustration is the one I hold dearest.” Nabernik likes the challenge of doing illustrations for technical and scientific books and asserts that “scientific illustration is as challenging as it is because it requires constant learning and acquiring new knowledge.”

Susan Robinson is a freelance artist specializing in painting mineral and gem specimens as well as birds and wildlife.

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