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May-June 2010

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Cristalli: The Adalberto Giazotto Collection on Exhibition in Florence

In more than fifty years of continued activity, Dr. Adalberto Giazotto has assembled one of the major world-class collections of large and well-crystallized mineral specimens. After being kept privately in the Pisa, Italy, area, where it was visited mostly by selected people “in the know,” the collection is now on exhibit at the Museo di Storia Naturale “La Specola” of the University of Florence, centrally located and accessible through the famous Boboli Gardens and Palazzo Pitti—a most prestigious location in this city so rich in artistic beauty. The new setup was formally inaugurated on 31 March 2009 and is now open to the public. This is good news for culture and for the conservation of natural treasures, especially at a time when budget cuts are limiting the operation of many mineral museums all over the world.

Dr. Renato Pagano is a lifelong collector of rare species and fine minerals, as well as mineralogical books and instruments.

Dr. Federico Pezzotta is the curator of minerals at the Natural History Museum of Milan.

Dr. Giovanni Pratesi is the president of the Natural History Museum at the University of Florence.

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