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March-April 2010

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Scovil Unpublished Favorites: 2009

In the past, I have begun this article by mentioning how many rolls of film I used during the previous year. Because most of my photography is now digital, I can no longer keep track of my shooting based on the number of rolls shot; however, I do know how many times I clicked the shutter on my studio camera. That number is 12,970 times! Of course, some of those images were deleted for not being quite up to par. In the course of my photography in 2009, I was on the road for a total of 224 days (I must be slowing down) and visited only seven countries outside of the United States, one of which (Morocco) was new to me. Here are a few of my favorite until-now-unpublished photos from the past year.

Jeffrey A. Scovil, a well-known photographer, is the author of Photographing Minerals, Fossils, and Lapidary Materials (Geoscience Press, 1996).

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