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March-April 2010

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2009 Thank-Yous

The annual list of those deserving special recognition for contributions to Rocks & Minerals has grown steadily through the years, as has our appreciation. Just as important as our faithful readership and advertisers is this loyal network composed of those who provide financial support and volunteer their time and services.

In 2009, donors to the Color Fund contributed toward color in all six issues of the magazine; organizations provided subscription table space at symposia and gem and mineral shows; volunteers worked shifts, managed subscription tables at events not attended by the editor, and helped with the tremendous workload of putting on two silent auctions; transporters delivered boxes of magazines to workers at shows; others provided space to store back issues and supplies in Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Maine, Texas, and even Germany until next year's events; the Tucson Gem and Mineral Society sponsored a benefit auction for the magazine at its February show, as did the Greater Denver Area Gem and Mineral Council at its September show; and a volunteer (John Veevaert) ran two online auctions to benefit the Color Fund.

Our thanks to one and all.


Anonymous in memory of Arthur E. Smith

Dan Behnke

Michael Carlson

Cincinnati Mineral Society

Frank Daniels

Denver Gem & Mineral Council

Harold Dibble

Jesse Fisher

Friends of Mineralogy, National Chapter

Friends of Mineralogy, Southeast Chapter

Bruce Gaber in memory of Catherine J. Gaber

Paul Geffner

Georgia Mineral Society

Erich Grundel in memory of Nancy Ballard, Harvey Cantor, Gerry Shulman, Mike Tihomirov, and Neil Wintringham

Kendall Hauer

Fred Jackson

Marcus Johnston

Joan Kureczka

Robert Lauf

Fred G. McCoy

Micromounters of New England in memory of Brian Porter and Arthur E. Smith

Mineralogical Association of Canada

Mineral Section, Houston Gem & Mineral Society

Wendell C. Mohr

Jeffrey W. Morrison

Museum of Natural History of Los Angeles County

Arvid Pasto

Larry Queen

John Rakovan

John M. Rodgers

Seaman Mineral Museum Society

Steve Sellepack

Arthur E. Smith

Marshall Sussman

Edward R. Tindell

Tucson Gem & Mineral Society

Keith Williams

Glenn W. Worthington

Martin Zinn in recognition and honor of the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies


(John Veevaert, chairperson online auctions; Terry Huizing, general chairperson; Jean DeMouthe, set-up chairperson Tucson and Denver auctions)

AAA Minerals International

Adams, E. and D.

Adelaide Mining Company

African Opal from Ethiopia

Agate Trader

Agate West

Alpine Mineral Company

Alternate Minerality

Ambar Azul

AMI Import Cultured Pearls

Anderson Minerals and Fluorescents


Anosov, Mikhail, Minerals and Fossils



Artistry in Stone

Attard's Minerals

Aurora Mineral Corporation


Authentic African Art

Awake Aesthetic


Bergmann, Mike

Betty's Rock-N-Beads

Birnie, Ricardo & Claudia

Black Hills Institute of Paleontology

Blauwet, Dudley, Gems

Blazer's Minerals

BlueCap Productions

Bolivian Mineral Classics

Bone Clones

Bone Valley Shark Teeth

BoxLee-American Gemstones

Bunk, Dave, Minerals

Burillo, Lluis Miguel Ferandez

Burton's Gems and Opals

Buslovich, Constantin

Busse, Brian

Butterflies by God

Cal Neva Mineral Company

Canada Fossils

Canada Gem Mines

Cardinal Minerals

Carion, Alain, Minerals, Fossils & Meteorites

Carved Opal and Obsidian

Casa de Lumbre


Clear Creek Academy

Clifford, Janet and Paul

Colorado Minerals

Cornish, John, Minerals

Collector's Edge

Collector's Stope

Colorado Nuggets

Crawford, David M.

Creations via Collins

Creative Gems

The Crystal Circle

Crystal Classics

Crystal Creations

Crystals Unlimited

Custom Paleo

Dameron, Bill and Diana

D & D Mining

D & J Rare Gems

D & M Rock and Gem

D & R Jewelry

Dan's Used Rocks

Davidson, Brendon M., Jewelry Design

D.A.W. Trading Company

Dayvault, Jalene and Richard

De Koenig-Swarter, Patrick

De Natura

Diamond Pacific

Dixie Euhedrals

Douglass Minerals

Down to Earth

D. S. Designs

Earth Gem

Earth Science International—India

Earth's Past

Earth's Treasures


Elite Design Jewelry

El-Mar Enterprises

Elizabeth's Cottage by the Sea

Evert, Janice, Opals

Exotic Minerals of Russia

Fabre Minerals

Fantastic Stones & Accessories

Fender Natural Resources

Fenn's Gems and Minerals

Fine Minerals International

Fisher, Jesse

Flatiron Mineral Club

Fossilien Galerie

Fossil News

Fossils by Anthony Lindgren

Fun With Rocks

Garsow, John E.

Gem and Mineral Council of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Gem Center USA

Gemas, N. O.

Gemini Minerals

Gems & Crystals Unlimited



Geodite Minerals


Gobin, Brice and Christophe


Gordian, Tony, Minerals

Graeber and Himes

Graeber, Cal

Graeber, Kerith

Great Basin Minerals

Green Mountain Minerals

Grenville Minerals

Harmon's Agate & Silver

Haynes, Patrick

Haywood, Bill

Heirloom Enterprises

Himalaya Quartz

Himes, Leonard

H. K. Meteorites

Hlava, Paul F.

Holabird-Kagin Americana

Hyrsl, Jaroslav

IC Minerals

Ikon Mining & Exploration


Indus Valley Commerce

Infinity Trading



Jacobson, Mark I.

J and J Collectibles

J and J Gemstones

Jase Minerals

JCA Jewelry Art

J. C.'s Artifacts

Jeanne's Rock and Jewelry

Jewel Tunnel Imports

J. J. & L. Rocks & Minerals

Johnson, Mary L.

Johnson Brothers

J. P. International

Jewelry for the Soul

Jones, Evan, Minerals

Jurassic Jewelry & Gems

K & M Enterprises

Katzer, Gary and Linda, Jewelry Artisans

Kilian Collection


Kureczka, Joan

Labenne Meteorites

La Concha: Tony Garcia

Latin American Import Company

Lehigh Minerals

Lexcel Minerals

Lietard, François

Light-Records Gems and Jewelry

Lithographie, LLC

Low Country Geologic

Lucia, Alvaro, Minerals

Luna Creations

Mad Mutha Mine

Magic Stone

Mandell, Richard D.

M & W Minerals

Majestic Minerals

Matrix India

McLaughlin, Dehne, Gems and Minerals

McCullough Fossils

McNeil, Jimmy and Hisami

Medici, Jay, Collection

Medici, John

Megaw, Peter

Merk's Jade

Middle Earth Minerals

Millar, Gregg

Miller's Fossils

Mine Designs

Mineral Classics

Mineral Exploration Services

Mineralien and Fossilien Galerie

Mineralien Zentrum

Mineral Miner

Mineral Classics

Mineral of the Month Club

Mineralogical Almanac

Mineralogical Record

Mineralogical Society of America

Mineral Zone

Miner's Gems & Minerals

Miner's Lunchbox

Modreski, Peter

Montana Gem

Montgomery, Louellen and Russell

Morgan Trinkets

Mountain Gems and Minerals

Mountain Minerals International

Mount Royal Gems

Müller, Peter

Munich Show

Muséon Art Antique

Naja Tool & Supply

Natural Creations

Nature's Finest Creations: Fred Wilda

Nooristan Crystal Hunters


Nord Fossils

Nordic Mineral Source

North Star Minerals

O. B. Rocks & Minerals

Oconee Minerals

O Dark 30 Mining Company

OHCK Natural Hawaiian Jewelry

Olin Minerals

Olson, Donald K., & Associates

One-of-a-Kind Designs

Opal Zone

Orcas Arts & Gifts

Originals by Carol Sues

PAK Designs

Paleo Search

Pani Meteorites

Paradox Gem Mining Company

Patagonia Minerals

Patcliff, Russell W.

Peak Valley Gems and Minerals

Perry, Mary J., Collection


Petrov Rare Minerals

Pietra Jewelry

Pike's Peak Rock Shop

Pinch, William W.

Pinnacle 5 Minerals

Piritas de Navajun

P.M. Customs

Victor Ponomarenko

Porte Du Sahara

Prospector's Choice Minerals

PRS Jewelry

Raj Minerals

Ramos Minerals

RayCyn Minerals

Red Beryl Company

Red Rox Lapidary

Rehman Gems and Minerals

R.J.B. Rock Shop

Rock & Gem Magazine

Rock Art

Rock Biz

Rocks of Ages Rock Shop

Sacred Earth

St. Paul Gems & Minerals

S & J's Fine Jewelry

Scovil, Jeff, Photography

Sea Tiger

Sebastian's Jewelry

Seibel Minerals

Self-a-Ware Minerals

Skublov, Gennadiy

Slingers Snob Appeal

Something New

Sonsthagen, Morgan, Jewelry

Speer, Alex

Staber, Paul, Minerals

Stevens, George, Minerals

Stone Crystals


Stories in Stone Emporium


Sue's Creations

Sues, Carol

The Sunnywood Collection

Superb Minerals India

Syed Trading Company—Pakistan

Tarasova Collection: Only Amber

Throwin' Stones

TM Limited

Trinity Minerals

Tucker, Chris, Minerals

Turquoise Jewelry Manufacturing

Tynsky's Fossil Fish

UK Mining Ventures

Ulrich's Fossil Fish Gallery

Urals Geological Museum

U.S. Geological Survey—Denver


Ward, C. B., Fluorescent Minerals

Warfield Fossils

Wearable Gem Art: Rick Olmstead

Weinrich, Dan and Diana

Well-Arranged Molecules

West Coast Mining

Western Minerals

Wild West Rock Company

Wilensky Fine Minerals

Williamson, Penny

Witters, George, Minerals

Wolfe, Tom, Minerals

The Wood Collection: Bruce Wood

Work, Jim

Wright's Rock Shop

Xtal—Dennis Beals Minerals

Yahont, Inc.

Yuther Tibetan Treasure

Zinn, Martin


Augusta, Maine (symposium)

Cartersville, Georgia (Southeast Show)

Cincinnati, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio

Denver, Colorado

Detroit, Michigan

Houston, Texas

Munich, Germany

Rochester, New York (symposium)

Springfield, Massachusetts (East Coast Show)

Tucson, Arizona

Westward Look (Tucson)

Martin Zinn Expositions


Bill Besse

Rose and Ken Carlson

Jan and Paul Clifford

Anne Cook

Bob Cook

Jean De Mouthe

Ludmila Egorova

Barb Epstien

Jesse Fisher

Diane and Carl Francis

Bruce Gaber

Julian Gray

Joan Kureczka

Michael Leybov

Sue and Al Liebetrau

Ann Richardson

Diana and Wolfgang Mueller

Barbara Muntyan

Jamie Neuman

John Rakovan

Bill Severance

Barbara Sky

Gail Spann

Alex Speer

John Taylor

Kaye and Jack Thompson

David Von Bargen

Carolyn and Steve Weinberg

Linda and Tom Wilson


Maggie Basbagill

Jane and Paul Kuennemeier

Diana and Wolfgang Mueller

Ingrid and Burt Ottens

Harris Precht

Arthur E. Smith

Louise and Woodrow Thompson

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