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July-August 2010

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Exploration and Mining History of the de Linde Wavellite Mine: East Dug Hill Area, Near Avant, Garland County, Arkansas

Wavellite and variscite were probably first collected at the Dug Hill diggings in Arkansas prior to 1870. The location was generally listed as being in Montgomery County because at that time that is where the diggings were. Garland County was formed in 1873, but Montgomery County persisted on the labels after that date. Henry de Linde provided the reason in some historical data that he sent to me. Although the 1873 date is correct for the formation of Garland County, the townships of Buckville (including Avant), Cedar Glades, Crystal, and part of Baxter were not included in Garland County until annexed in 1917. So Montgomery County on labels of specimens of wavellite and variscite from Dug Hill was actually correct until 1917.

Arthur E. Smith, now deceased (see March/April 2010 issue In Memoriam column), was a longtime consulting editor of Rocks & Minerals.

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