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September-October 2009

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Through the 'Scope

The Year in Micromounting
2008 Was a Year of Stress

The rapidly declining economy in 2008 brought changes to the face of micromounting, particularly in the loss of attendance at North American symposia, but even more stress came with the loss of colleagues with strong influence in their local communities. They were not necessarily widely recognized—none had yet entered the Micromounters Hall of Fame—but they were the type of people on whom others relied to get the job done, and done well.

One, in fact, died in 2007, and though I had been notified of his demise, I somehow missed mentioning it in my summary article for 2007. Alfred Stevenson died in February 2007. A founding member of the Nassau Mineral Club, Glen Cove, New York, Alfred, a machinist, was multitalented and interested in all facets of the mineral world. As his friend Irving Horowitz recounts, he collected in the field, cut and polished stones, crafted his own cabinets, built a large micromount collection, and spread thousands of his mounts in worldwide trading. His passing was felt throughout the community.

Quintin Wight is the author of The Complete Book of Micromounting (Mineralogical Record, 1993).
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