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September-October 2009

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In Memoriam

Claus Hedegaard (1963–2009)

On occasion, life presents an opportunity to interact with a person of such intelligence and wit that you cannot believe your good fortune. Every minute spent with that individual is worthwhile. Claus Hedegaard was just such a person. Admittedly, I am not the brightest bulb, and sometimes what he said was so far over my head that my mind went blank trying to absorb it. But there was always that ever-present wit that would bring me back around. I often wondered how one man, and one so young, had such a passion for learning. His continual quest for knowledge was sometimes almost beyond belief. Claus died in March 2009 of complications from asthma and diabetes.

Growing up in Denmark, Claus was literally raised in a zoo . . . yes, monkeys, elephants, parrots, snakes—you name it, and Claus’s father, Orla, probably paraded it through the family compound. I have to smile when I think of little Claus chasing an escaped kangaroo.

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